This is what a successful PR campaign looks like

Jul 16th, 2019

The Tech Lab recently ran a PR campaign for Parcelninja which produced an exceptional response from industry players.

Instead of using traditional PR channels – writing a press release, sending it to publications, and hoping they will publish it – The Tech Lab partnered with top IT publications for guaranteed publication.

The Tech Lab also used targeted social media campaigns through these publishers’ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to reach the right audience.

This strategy worked exceptionally well. The Parcelninja article was published with limited editing on South Africa’s top IT publications – MyBroadband, BusinessTech, ITWeb, and Techcentral.

The biggest benefit of partnering with these publications is that tracking links to Parcelninja’s website could be included, which resulted in high-quality leads.

Excellent performance

Parcelninja CEO Justin Drennan said the campaign easily outperformed previous PR campaigns and provided them with over 1,000 website visits and 25 leads.

“We have never seen such an excellent performance from a PR campaign,” said Drennan, adding that the accurate statistics provided by The Tech Lab are of great value to them.

“The Tech Lab provides us with the number of reads for our articles on each website, which allows us to accurately measure the value from the campaign,” he said.

Drennan said the campaign reached the right people and significantly increased Parcelninja’s profile among business and IT executives.

“We told The Tech Lab what we wanted to achieve, and they delivered,” said Drennan.

Campaign performance

The graphic below provides an overview of the Parcelninja PR campaign performance.